Team Rules

  1. A minimum of 4 and a  maximum of 9 members per team are allowed.

  2. Each team must have at least 2 men and 2 women to participate.

  3. Each team is allowed 1 ringer. No alternate ringers may be assigned.

  4. The top mens times and top women’s times may be submitted for your aggregate team time per event.

  5. Each team must race a minimum of 2 verified chipped timed 5k races.  

  6. You may run as many 5k’s as your team can manage. From 6/1/19 - 1/30/2020.

  7. You may change your roster before April 1, 2019.

  8. All team member times submitted must be from the same 5k event.

  9. Team’s must post a team photo and times of the event wearing the 361 race kit on social along with #361cup. We will then verify your race results.

  10. Teams must comprise of full time or part time  employees.  With the exception of the 1 Ringer.

Important Dates

  • Registration opens 11/28/18

  • Registration deadline 4/1/19 - *Registration is now Closed*

  • League starts 6/1/19

  • League ends 1/30/20

  • 361 Finals Heat Q1 2020